Tips to Fight Hat Hair in Winter

Styling your hair in winter can be a challenging ordeal to say the least. Freezing temperatures can strip moisture from your hair and hair extensions, leading to dryness, static and frizz. During winter, most people resort to winter hats to protect themselves and their hair from harsh weather conditions. However, with winter hats comes the dreaded hat-hair. Continue reading “Tips to Fight Hat Hair in Winter”

5 Hair Extension Care Essentials to Pack When Travelling

Hair Extension Care EssentialsWhether you’re planning a business trip, a family vacation or a romantic getaway, travelling can take quite a toll on your hair and leave a negative impact on your hair extensions as well. To keep your extensions in good shape during your time out of town, it’s important to establish a strong travel hair extension care routine and pack the necessary hair care products to take with you. Continue reading “5 Hair Extension Care Essentials to Pack When Travelling”