3 Different Ways to Use Hair Extensions

We always see celebrities and A-list stars flaunting their luxuriously long and thick strands of hair at red carpet events. Hair extensions have come a rather long way since the tacky, colorful chunks of plastic-y hair that became popular in the early ‘00s. Human hair extensions once used to be a luxury accessory for the elite class, but now they’re easily available at almost every hair salon.

Are you thinking of buying hair extensions for thin hair but aren’t sure about splurging? Here are all the things that you can do with these gorgeous strands of natural human hair:

Add fullness to your hairstyles

Nothing ruins your look more than a limp, sad ponytail that seems to be hanging on for dear life. Don’t just accept defeat! You deserve all the bounce and volume when it comes to hairstyles. High-quality hair extensions can help you add extra length and fullness to your natural hair to make different hairstyles look more flattering. Whether you’re making an updo or creating elaborate braids, there’s no such thing as too much hair.

Add volume

Does your hair look limp and lifeless when you leave it down? You can add a ton of extra dimension and body by using hair extensions. You can ask your hairstylist to trim your hair extensions to match your hair’s current length to simply enjoy some extra thickness and volume without having to deal with the extra inches. You can enhance the volume even more by using different products such as dry shampoo and mousse!

Add highlights

Everyone loves experimenting with their hair, but few like the idea of damaging their natural strands. As far as we’ve come as a society regarding hair dye and bleach, it’s impossible to get a dramatic shift in your hair color without causing some damage. You can get hair extensions applied artfully to recreate the look of an ombre or balayage without having to get any bleach or dye on your hair at all! Don’t be afraid to get creative.

A woman with long hair

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