A Blast from the Past: The 90’s ‘Heartthrob’ Bob

We saw it during the 90s, and now we’re ready to witness it one more time! The heartthrob bob is enjoying its moment currently in the Y2K fashion world. Why call it ‘heartthrob’? Because this gender-fluid cut was worn by the stunning Cameron Diaz, Keira Knightley, and Leonardo DiCaprio back in the day.

What’s the Heartthrob Bob Like?

Short hair has forever been synonymous with making a statement, and this spring is no different. The heartthrob bob is in style again as an effortless and unfussy chop that freshens the look and adds a little bit of drama to the picture! It rightfully fits the bill for something that’s ruffled up and relaxed but also for the prepped-up and glossy finish.

Ways to Flaunt the Crop Bob

The heartthrob version is cooler than the standard bob as it sits higher on the face. It’s a short, layered hairstyle that lies between the lines of a pixie cut and a blunt bob cut.

The layers are cropped off at the name of the neck for those with straight, fine, or thin hair. But for those with curly or textured hair, a center parting with a cut just above the jawline works best. You can also throw in some layers if you’re conscious of your hair appearing too poofy.

All in all, the cut isn’t too precise; it looks much like one that’s been lived in. You want it to look flattering on your face rather than overwhelming.

A bob cut with layers and bangs for a more polished look

You can wear the cropped bob as something with a soft blunt, straight, flipped to the side, glossy, air dried, or with slip bangs. The good news is that a short bob looks great on just about anyone as it gives the hair volume and a much-desired lift.

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