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We only use premium Russian hair that is custom blended.
That depends on if you follow the instructions we offer on how to care for your new extensions. The hair should last easily one year or more. We have clients that have had their hair for 2-3 years.
Use our sulfate free and chemical free products. Kevin Murphy is our product of choice. Follow our instructions on washing, conditioning and brushing. Keep your heat tools down to 360 degrees. Heat dries out the extension hair as well as your natural hair. It causes breakage and split ends. Have your maintenance done regularly between 10-12 weeks. Any longer than that, it will cause too much stress on your natural hair.
This is the least damaging of all types of extensions. We don’t use glue, keratin bonding or tapes to install your extensions. After the installation process, your natural hair will continue to grow healthy and strong.
Once separated and parted for installation, Brenda then attaches a small copper loc onto the selected strands. The loc is then crimped tight. It is easy and non-damaging. To remove it, the loc is reverse-crimped with our special tool.
The hair extensions are well disguised under your own hair.
You must ponytail and braid your long hair securely with elastics from root to end. After swimming, you must rinse off the extension hair. Do not let your hair dry in the sun with chlorine or salt in your hair.
Yes, you can wear your hair in a ponytail with no problem. If your side hair is very thin, we adjust your layout to work with your natural hair.
Yes, we can, but it depends on your hair loss. A consultation is necessary.
You can darken them, but not lighten them.
The first thing Brenda will ask you is, “What are your expectations?” She then will give you a quote for the hair install and cut. Then we will talk about your color. Our experienced color specialist will take into account your hair’s condition, the color you are wanting, and what is necessary to achieve that color. Brenda will advise you to have your hair colored if necessary. Before she can order you beautiful new hair, your color must be perfect. We recommend you to have it done here as the results are very important for a seamless installation. The hair takes three weeks to arrive after ordering. All the hair is custom blended by hand.
Approximately four inches long. Depending on the thickness of your hair, we will ask you to grow your hair longer or a mullet will be your end result.
We are open Tuesday - Saturday.
Yes, you can, but we charge $7 per extension to install. We do not guarantee anyone else’s hair.
A maintenance is when we open the locs with our special tool. We remove the shedded hair (the average person looses between 60 to 100 hairs per day), then the hair extension end is re-tipped, and a new loc is then attached to the same strand the original loc was on. The same extensions are put back in place and clamped back down.