Summer Haircare: 3 Tips To Deal With Oily Hair In Summers

Having oil on your scalp and hair is a completely natural phenomenon, but everyone’s bodies produce a different amount. The summer heat can cause your scalp your sweat more and produce even more sebum that leaves your hair looking greasy, limp, and overall unattractive.

Oily hair tends to accumulate a lot more dirt and grime and can eventually lead to other problems such as dandruff or itchiness. Here are some of the best ways to de-grease your hair this summer! Make sure to consult your hair specialist before trying out new products if you have hair extensions for thin hair.

Use oil-free shampoos

If your hair is getting excessively oily, you might want to try doing a double cleanse. Do the first wash with an oil control organic shampoo that has a clean list of ingredients so that it doesn’t dry your out too much. As amazing as it might feel to have a squeaky-clean scalp, the dryness can cause your body to produce even more sebum and make your hair even oilier within hours. Do a second cleanse with a moisturizing shampoo to bring back some life to your strands.

Dry shampoo is your friend

Washing your hair too often can also dry your scalp out and cause itchiness, irritation, or excess oil production. Get a high-quality dry shampoo and spray it thoroughly in the areas of your scalp where your hair gets the oiliest, and massage it in gently. Try to do this a night before you need to head out somewhere so that the dry shampoo can do its job and absorb all the excess oils overnight. Brush your hair out in the morning and style it like normal.

Make an up-do

After a few days, your hair has probably built up a good amount of product and oil in it. There’s no need to panic and go into a hair-washing frenzy—look up some cute updos and put your hair up to look chic and stylish without needing extra products for hold!

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