The Glam Bride Guide: Looking Gorgeous On Your Big Day

Hair extensions are a great way to add length, volume and style to your bridal hairstyle. Whether you’ve decided on an updo, a half-up hairstyle or plan on leaving your luscious locks flowing in the sea breeze for your beach wedding, you must have thought about incorporating hair extensions into your wedding look.

We’re here to tell you why this is a terrific idea to go for! Even if you’ve never worn hair extensions before, HEH’s expert cosmetologists can make your loc extensions blend in seamlessly with your hair to give you a perfectly natural look!

But before you jump into getting extensions for your big day, take a look at these few dos and don’ts of wedding hair:


Find hair extensions that exactly match the shade of your natural hair. Nothing is a dead giveaway you’re wearing hair extensions than an unmatched shade! However, you might want to look into getting a few extensions that are two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color to create high or low lights. HEH’s loc extensions are the perfect fit for all hair types and colors!


Skimp on bridal hair extensions. Quality hair extensions can last you anywhere from 1 to 3 months with proper care. But low-quality extensions typically have an unnatural look and feel to them and may even get damaged with exposure to heat styling tools.


Curl your extensions with your real hair. This will make your curls look more natural by blending both your real hair and extensions together. Alternate between curling one inch sections from the front to the back with your iron set at a cool 350 degrees, and brush through with HEH’s Diane Fluff Comb for perfect, swoon-worthy curls.


Overdo it. Too much hair can not only end up looking unnatural, but the added weight will also make you uncomfortable throughout the day. And uncomfortable is not an emotion you want to be feeling on your wedding day!

Glam Bride Guide


Wash and condition your extensions a day before your wedding and let them air dry. Washing will get rid of all the gunk and hair products to give your hairstylist a clean slate to work with, while conditioning will make your extensions and real hair much more manageable.


Panic! While we understand that the pressure of looking your best on your big day can get overwhelming, worrying is the worst thing you can do! Relax and focus on what really matters: you and your future relationship with the love of your life.

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