You’re Ruining Your Extensions By Doing These Things

You finally splurged and got yourself a set of beautiful hair extensions (yay!). But while you may think your job here is done, there’s still some maintenance-related tasks left.

If you let your locks run wild with minimal care, the chances are that your extensions will begin to mat, tangle, and weaken with time.

If you want to preserve their shine, volume, and life, we’ve broken down some of the biggest extension faux pas that can land you in trouble. Avoid them at all costs for luxuriously stunning hair that looks sleek, smooth, and stunning for months!

1. Using the Wrong Products

Chemical-laden hair products wreak havoc on your extensions. Contrary to popular belief, parabens and sulfates are not only found in shampoo and conditioner; they can also make their way into nourishing haircare products like oils and serums!

We recommend browsing through the ingredients list thoroughly to ensure you don’t end up purchasing toxic hair products.

Be on the lookout for fragrances as well. Mixed with toxins, fragrances can seep into your bloodstream and cause internal damage, including developmental and reproductive problems.

Opt for nutrient-laden natural products instead that hydrate and nourish your extensions instead of stripping them of moisture.

2. Letting Your Hair Get WetRuining Your Extensions

If you’re an active beachgoer who often tends to get their hair wet, you may want to rethink things.

Getting your hair wet outside of a normal shower scenario can cause your extensions to develop unruly knots and tangles. With environmental pollutants and sea salt layered on top, your hair is in for a disastrous mess.

So avoid taking a dip in the water on your next visit to the beach. We also recommend washing your hair immediately after exposure to rainwater.

3. Exposing Your Locks to a Harsh Brush

A harsh brush with uneven bristles is one of the biggest culprits behind damaged extensions. Not only will your hair weaken over time, but it’ll also begin to develop split ends.

To avoid this mess altogether, invest in a gentle wide-toothed comb that has been specifically designed for micro bead extensions. It will gently untangle your hair without causing breakage or weakening.

4. Heat, heat, heat!

If you’ve been styling your extensions recently, we have one question:


By getting a set of gorgeous extensions, you instantly gift yourself with a plethora of volume, bounce, texture, and length. Trust us when we say there’s no need for any more styling!

Exposing your extensions to continual sessions of styling could severely damage hair texture, elasticity, and porosity. This will cause your extensions to look weak and dull over time.

Rock your locks and ditch the heat damage!

5. Using a Normal Pillowcase

A cotton pillowcase is one of the biggest reasons why we wake up with rough hair that screams frizz. While normal hair is still strong enough to endure the damage, extensions suffer.

Toss your regular pillowcase and opt for a satin or silk replacement for silky hair that doesn’t have to endure endless damage.

With smooth fibers that are gentle on your locks, a silk/satin pillowcase will result in you waking up with tangle-free hair that feels soft and luscious to the touch.


Ruining Your Extensions


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From gentle fluff combs to hydrating oils, conditioners, and serums, your hair will reap all the benefits of natural haircare. Ditch the damage and give your new locks some much-needed TLC!