Zodiac Hairstyles: Leo Season Edition

Does your birthday fall between July 23 and August 22? That means that you’re a gorgeous, glamorous Leo! The lion is a great symbol for these majestic, proud, and loyal individuals. Appearance-wise, Leo women tend to be on the taller side and walk with all the purpose and confidence of a lioness. They often play with their hair or stroke the strands without even realizing it, subconsciously inviting attention to their fabulous hair.

Leos have some of the best hair in the entire zodiac. They’re well-known for taking good care of their glossy strands and often choose to wear their hair long. However, they can look just as amazing in shorter hair. If you want even more length and volume, you can get hair extensions for thin hair! Here are some amazing hairstyles for Leos:

Side buns

Side buns, or Princess Leia buns, are incredibly bold hairstyles that aren’t commonly worn by just anyone out in public. Leos are perfect for rocking these cute little buns on either side of their heads with confidence! The longer your hair, the bigger and more dramatic the bun will get. It’s also perfect for any hair type and color! Whether you have solid dark hair or some beautiful highlights, side buns can bring out the best of it all.

Double French braid

If you’re thinking of going even more dramatic with a hint of whimsical elegance, double French braids are perfect for you. Leos are full of bravery, and it takes a lot of courage to pull off an eye-catching hairstyle like this! This double braid takes all the sophistication of a single French braid and multiplies it. Whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight, you’re sure to look beautiful in this hairstyle. You can even add short hair extensions to make your braids thicker and more voluminous.

Bright colors

Hairstyles alone are sometimes not enough to make a statement. That’s where colors come in! Leos are fiery, bold, and proud individuals who thrive under attention. Bright colors like red, blue, or pink can be perfect for these summer folks to express their rich inner world and creativity.

Red hair from behind

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